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Seminar Autonome Intelligente Systeme - SS 2006

In this seminar we will focus on concepts and techniques used in the field of mobile robotics.

Requirerments & Information:
  • Organizer: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard
  • Co-organizers: Axel Rottmann, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Christian Plagemann, Patrick Pfaff
  • You have to prepare a talk of approx. 30 minutes and write a summary. Both can be done in English or German.
  • The seminar is restricted to 12 students. Sorry, there is no free space left.
  • The seminar will be a 2-3 days Blockseminar.
  • Blockseminar date: 10.07.06, 11.07.06, 12.07.06.
  • The 1st meeting will be at the 02.05, 13h, in room 079-00-019 (for registered students only!)
  • The summaries should be approx. 6 pages long (not counting titlepage, toc, reference, or large figures).
    Much longer summaries will not be accepted!
  • The summaries and the slides for the presentation must be submitted Fri, 02.06.06!
  • Papers will be assigned in the first meeting.


  1. Olsen, Walter, Teller, Leonard: Single-Cluster Spectral Graph Partitioning for Robotics Applications (Patricia)
  2. Schweighofer, Grigoras, Tresp, Hoffmann: GPPS: A Gaussian Process Positioning System for Cellular Networks (Philipp)
  3. van der Zwaan, Perrone, Bernardino, Santos-Victor: Control of an Aerial Blimp Based on Visual Input (Tobias)
  4. Lacroix, Jung: High resolution 3D terrain mapping with low altitude imagery (Robert)
  5. Se, Lowe, Little: Vision-based Mobile Robot Localization and Mapping using Scale-Invariant Features (Alexander)
  6. Ranganathan, Menegatti, Dellaert: Bayesian Inference in the Space of Topological Maps (Linh)
  7. Law, Figueiredo, Jain: Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering Using Mixture Models (Dali)
  8. Thrun et al.: The Winning Robot Stanley (Jakob)
  9. Wellington, Courville, Stentz: Interacting Markov Random Fields for Simultaneous Terrain Modeling and Obstacle Detection (Johannes)
  10. Biber, Duckett: Dynamic Maps for Long-Term Operation of Mobile Service Robots (Ruixi)
  11. Howard: Multi-robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Particle Filters (Michael)
  12. Elinas, Little: Sigma-MCL: Monte-Carlo Localization for Mobile Robots with Stereo Vision (Thorsten)
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