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Introduction to Mobile Robotics - SS 2008

Mobile Robotics '08 – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) How do I create an Eclipse project of the sources?

The current description has been derived using Eclipse 3.2.

  • Start Eclipse.
  • File → New → Project..
  • In the wizard, choose "Java Project".
  • Enter a project name, then select "Contents: Create Project From Existing Source".
  • Click on "Directory: Browse" and select "your_path_to_sheet-1-stub/".
  • If available, select Java 1.5 as JRE (Java Runtime Environment).
  • Finish.

(2) How do I prepare the archive for submission?

When you want to submit your code, use tar (or zip) to create a sourceball:

~> tar cvzf solution-sheet01.tgz your_path_to_sheet-1-stub/
Then open http://pingui.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/handin/ in your browser, fill in the form and upload solution-sheet01.tgz.
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