Seminar Autonomous Mobile Systems

In this seminar we will focus on concepts and techniques used in the field of mobile robotics.

Requirerments & Information:


  1. Anguelov, Taskar, Chatalbashev, Koller, Gupta, Heitz, Ng: Discriminative Learning of Markov Random Fields for Segmentation of 3D Scan Data (Felix F.)
  2. Osada, Funkhouser, Chazelle, Dobkin: Matching 3D Models with Shape Distributions (Mahir)
  3. Diebel, Thrun: An Application of Markov Random Fields to Range Sensing (Olga)
  4. Boykov, Huttenlocher: A New Baysian Framework for Object Recognition (Felix E.)
  5. N.C. Oza, S. Russell: Online Bagging and Boosting (Sergio)
  6. D. Schulz, W. Burgard, D. Fox, and A.B. Cremers: People Tracking with a Mobile Robot Using Sample-based Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filters (Hartmut)
  7. P. Althaus, H. Christensen: Behaviour Coordination for Navigation in Office Environment (Susanne)
  8. D. Crandall, P. Felzenszwalb, D. Huttenlocher: Spatial priors for part-Based Recognition using Statistical Models (Johannes)
  9. Kolmogorov, Criminisi, Blake, Cross, Rother: Bi-layer segmentation of binocular stereo vision (Andreas)
  10. Montemerlo, Thrun, Koller, Wegbreit: FastSLAM2.0: An Improved Particle Filtering Algorithm for SLAM that Provavly Converges (Jens)
  11. Kwok, Fox, Meila: Real-time Particle Filters (Hauke)
  12. Ferguson, Stenz: The Field D* Algorithm for Improved Path Planning and Replanning in Uniform and Non-uniform Cost Environments (Moritz)
  13. Zettlemoyer, Pasula, Kaelbling: Learning Planning Rules in Noisy Stochastic Worlds (Thomas)
  14. Frank Dellaert, Alexander Kipp and Peter Krauthausen: A Multifrontal QR Factorization Approach to Distributed Inference Applied to Multirobot Localization and Mapping (Stefan)