Tursi Binaries

To run Tursi, you need at least Java 1.6.

Windows and Mac users should be able to start it, by simply double clicking the .jar or .app. Linux users may have to make the file executable first or start it from the console, using 'java -jar /path/to/tursi.jar'.

tursi.jar v1.1 Cross-platform Java application 161 kB v1.1 Adapted application bundel for Mac users
189 kB


Some commented, simple tm-files.

Read them from 0 to 4 and you will be able to write your own basic tm-files and execute them in no time (given, that you know what a turing machine is and how it works). Various tm-files 2.9 kB

Language definition for GTKSourceView (used by GEdit).

GEdit highlights the syntax of tm-files, if this file is copied to '/usr/share/gtksourceview-2.0/language-specs/tm.lang'. You may have to use sudo to do so.

Right-click and choose 'save' to download this file.

tm.lang Language definition for GTKSourceView 1.5 kB

Tursi Source Code

Icons and Java 1.7 source code. Source code 136 kB