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Seminar Probabilistic Graphical Models - SS 2011

Requirements & Information
  • Organizers: PD Dr. Cyrill Stachniss, Prof Dr. Wolfram Burgard
  • Co-Organizers: Henrik Kretzschmar
  • The seminar will be a "Blockseminar" and will take place on Wed 27.07.2011 9:00 (s.t.) - 14:00 in the seminar room in bldg 79, upper floor. Attending is mandatory.
  • The topics will be assigned in the first week of the semester. We meet on Thu 5.5.11 from 11-12 in Bld 79, SR 019 (upper floor). This meeting is for registered students only!
  • There will be a short introduction to graphical models: Wed 18.05.11, 14h, Geb 106 SR-00-007 (MMR). Slides.
  • You have to prepare a talk of approx 35 minutes and to write a summary. Both can be done in English or German.
  • Use the LaTeX template. Use a maximum of 7 pages plus title page, reference section, potential add-ons.
  • The seminar is restricted to 9 students.
  • Please register via the LSF (click here). We apply the strategy: first come, first serve.
  • Topics (in brief)
    • Inference in Graphics Models and the Sum-Product Algorithm
    • The Junction Tree Algorithm
    • Loopy Belief Propagation & Loopy Intersection Propagation
    • Hidden Markov Models
    • Mixture Models and EM
    • Sampling Methods
    • Conditional Random Fields
    • Model Comparison and Occam's Razor
    • Continous Latent Variables
  • Material

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