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Introduction to Mobile Robotics - SS 2023

Course content (engl.)

This course will introduce basic concepts and techniques used within the field of mobile robotics. We analyze the fundamental challenges for autonomous intelligent systems and present the state of the art solutions. Among other topics, we will discuss:
  • Kinematics
  • Sensors
  • Vehicle localization
  • Map building
  • SLAM
  • Path planning



Lecture Dates Topic Slides
00 18-04-2023 Introduction PDF
01 20-04-2023 Transformations (Linear Algebra) PDF
02 25-04-2023 Robot Control Paradigms PDF
03 25-04-2023 Wheeled Locomotion PDF
04 27-04-2023 Proximity Sensors PDF
05 02-05-2023 Probabilistic Robotics PDF
06 16-05-2023 Probabilistic Motion Models PDF
07 23-05-2023 Probabilistic Sensor Models PDF


Solving the exercise sheets is not mandatory to be admitted to the final exam, but is strongly recommended. There are no bonus points. The sheets will be published one week before the corresponding exercise session. We encourage you to solve the exercises beforehand to benefit from the discussions in class.

Sheet Discussion Topic Exercise Sheet Exercise Material Solutions
00 20-04-2023 (Thu) Setup Python PDF myfirstscript.py
01 27-04-2023 (Thu) Linear Algebra PDF laserscan.dat PDF
02 04-05-2023 (Thu) Locomotion, Differential Drive PDF PDF
03 11-05-2023 (Thu) Bayes Rule PDF PDF
04 25-05-2023 (Thu) Sampling, Motion Models PDF PDF
05 06-06-2023 (Tue) Sensor Models PDF

Additional Material

  • Notes on one dimensional Gaussians (PDF)
  • Notes on multi dimensional Gaussians (PDF)
  • Python cheat sheet (PDF)
  • Matrix cookbook (PDF)
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