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Practical Course B - WS 2012/13

People Localization -- Robotik Praktikum B / Robotics Practical Course B


This practical course will address the problem of visual localization in indoor environments. The task is to localize a person wearing a camera while walking through a building. We plan to address this problem in two settings: (a) data has been recorded beforehand in the building and (b) only a 2D floorplan is available.

A practical course (Praktikum) is a hands-on experience including a significant amount of programing work. The key goal here is to realize a real-world localization system that runs online and can localize a person in the two settings described above. The students will work in small teams and are expected to support their team throughout the whole term. Basic programming skills are required for this course. It is not mandatory (but suggested/helpful) to have attended the course 'Introduction to Mobile Robotics'. More details will be provided in the first week of the term.


  • Lecturer: PD Dr. Cyrill Stachniss, Dr. Luciano Spinello
  • The course takes place Tue, 14-16 in building 101, SR 01-016
  • Exam: The will be an oral exams during the examination period (Pruefungsleistung). In order to be admitted to the exam (Studienleistung), you have to regularly attend the course (at least 10 times) and need to participate in the development of the software within your team.
  • All material will be available via this website. Teaching is done in English.
  • The course is part of the area Cognitive Technical Systems in the CS master program.
  • What is the difference between the Robotics Practical Course A and B? These are simple two difference courses and they are independent of each other.


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