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Pro-/Seminar Robot Navigation - WS 2014/15

Pro-/Seminar Robot Navigation

Requirements & Information

  • Organizer: Prof Dr. Wolfram Burgard
  • Co-Organizers: Andreas Lars Wachaja, Michael Partheil, Barbara Frank, Tim Caselitz, Tim Welschehold, Abhinav Valada
  • The Proseminar and Seminar will be held as a "Blockseminar" in February 2015.
  • Please register via the online registration system.
  • The first meeting was on Tuesday, October 28, 10.00 a.m. in room 02-017, building 52.
  • Students are requested to prepare a talk of 30 minutes and to write a summary. Both can be done in English or German.
  • Please send your summary and the slides of your presentation to your advisor until Wednesday, February 25. The summaries should be 7 pages long at maximum (latex, a4wide, 11pt) not counting the bibliography and figures. Significantly longer summaries will not be accepted. A LaTeX template can be downloaded here.
  • Slides from the first meeting.
  • Topic assignments can be found below. Please contact your supervisor for details on literature.

Updated Information

  • Wolfram Burgard will give a lecture on "How to give a presentation" (Slides)
    This lecture will take place on Wednesday, January 14, 10.00 s.t. in room 00-034, building 51.
  • The Proseminar and Seminar will take place on:
    • Tuesday, February 17, 9.00 to 16.00 and
    • Wednesday, February 18, 9.00 to 16.00.
  • Location for the Proseminar: Room 00-014 , Building 078

Topics Proseminar

  1. K. M. Wurm, A. Hornung, M. Bennewitz, C. Stachniss, W. Burgard.
    OctoMap: A Probabilistic, Flexible, and Compact 3D Map Representation for Robotic Systems
    ICRA 2010 Workshop on Best Practice in 3D Perception and Modeling for Mobile Manipulation.
    [Supervisor: Andreas Lars Wachaja]
  2. G. Floros, B. van der Zander, B. Leibe.
    OpenStreetSLAM: Global Vehicle Localization Using OpenStreetMaps
    ICRA 2013.
    [Supervisor: Michael Partheil]
  3. M. Faessler, E. Mueggler, K. Schwabe, D. Scaramuzza.
    A Monocular Pose Estimation System based on Infrared LEDs
    ICRA 2014.
    [Supervisor: Tim Caselitz]
  4. D. Harabor, A. Grastien.
    Online Graph Pruning for Pathfinding on Grid Maps
    AAAI 2011.
    [Supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  5. W. Churchill, P. Newman.
    Experience-based Navigation for Long-term Localization
    IJRR 2013.
    [Supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  6. M. J. Milford, G. F. Wyeth.
    SeqSLAM: Visual Route-Based Navigation for Sunny Summer Days and Stormy Winter Nights
    ICRA 2012.
    [Supervisor: Michael Partheil]
  7. R. D. Morton, E. Olson.
    Positive and Negative Obstacle Detection using the HLD Classifier
    IROS 2011.
    [Supervisor: Andreas Lars Wachaja]
  8. V. R. Desaraju, N. Michael, M. Humenberger, R. Brockers, S. Weiss, L. Matthies.
    Vision-based Landing Site Evaluation and Trajectory Generation Toward Rooftop Landing
    RSS 2014.
    [Supervisor: Tim Welschehold]
  9. A. Hornung, M. Phillips, E. Gil Jones, M. Bennewitz, M. Likhachev, S. Chitta.
    Navigation in Three-Dimensional Cluttered Environments for Mobile Manipulation
    ICRA 2012.
    [Supervisor: Tim Welschehold]

Topics Seminar

  1. D. Dolgov, S. Thrun.
    Detection of Principal Directions in Unknown Environments for Autonomous Navigation
    RSS 2008.
    [Supervisor: Michael Partheil]
  2. D. J. Webb, J. van den Berg.
    Kinodynamic RRT*: Asymptotically Optimal Motion Planning for Robots with Linear Dynamics
    ICRA 2013.
    [Supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  3. V. Narayanan, M. Phillips, M. Likhachev.
    Anytime Safe Interval Path Planning for Dynamic Environments
    IROS 2012.
    [Supervisor: Abhinav Valada]
  4. D. Sabatta, R. Siegwart.
    Bearings-only Path Following with a Vision-based Potential Field
    ICRA 2014.
    [Supervisor: Abhinav Valada]
  5. L. Riazuelo, J. Civera, J. M. M. Montiel.
    C2TAM: A Cloud Framework for cooperative tracking and mapping
    RAS 2014.
    [Supervisor: Tim Caselitz]
  6. L. Murphy, P. Newman.
    Planning Most-Likely Paths from Overhead Imagery
    ICRA 2010.
    [Supervisor: Barbara Frank]
  7. J. Engel, J. Sturm, D. Cremers.
    Camera-Based Navigation of a Low-cost Quadrocopter
    IROS 2012.
    [Supervisor: Andreas Lars Wachaja]
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