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Pro-/Seminar Robot Navigation - WS 2015/16

Pro-/Seminar Robot Navigation

Requirements & Information

Updated Information

  • The Proseminar and Seminar will take place on:
    • Thursday, February 11, 9.00 to 16.00
      in Albertstr. 23, Room 00.006 (Institutsviertel)
    • Friday, February 12, 9.00 to 12.00
      in Georges-Koehler-Allee 101, Seminarroom 01-009/13
    • Friday, February 12, 13.00 to 15.00
      in Georges-Koehler-Allee 052, Seminarroom 02-017
    • Please send your summary via email to your supervisor by Friday, February 19.


Thursday, Feb 11,
Albertstr. 23, Room 00.006:
09:00 09:45Nino Silveira
09:45 10:30Kevin Haettig
Coffee break
10:45 11:30Amanullah Tariq
11:30 12:15Alexander Mitrofanov
12:15 13:00 Yufeng Xiong
Friday, 12 Feb, morning session
Georges-Koehler-Allee 101 Room 01-009/13:
09:00 09:45Muazzam Ali
09:45 10:30Raghu Rajan
Coffee break
10:45 11:30 Markus Frey
11:30 12:15Sinje Balzer
Lunch break
Friday, 12 Feb, afternoon session
Georges-Koehler-Allee 052 Room 02-017:
13:15 14:00Jan Sosulski
14:00 14:45 Yitong Quan

Topics Proseminar

  1. M. Jalobeanu, G. Shirakyan, G. Parent, H. Kikkeri, B. Peasley, A. Feniello
    Reliable kinect-based navigation in large indoor environments
    ICRA 2015
    [Nino Silveira , supervisor: Michael Krawez]
  2. J. A. Bagnell, D. Bradley , D. Silver, B. Sofman, and A. Stentz
    Learning Rough-Terrain Autonomous Navigation
    RA 2010
    [Kevin Haettig, supervisor: Abhinav Valada]

Topics Seminar

  1. V. Usenko, J. Engel, J. Stueckler, D. Cremers
    Reconstructing Street-Scenes in Real-Time From a Driving Car
    3DV 2015
    [Amanullah Tariq, supervisor: Tayyab Naseer]
  2. R. Newcombe, D. Fox, S. Seitz
    DynamicFusion: Reconstruction and Tracking of Non-rigid Scenes
    CVPR 2015
    [Alexander Mitrofanov, supervisor: Tim Caselitz]
  3. L. Ott, F. Ramos
    Unsupervised online learning for long-term autonomy
    IJRR 2013
    [Muazzam Ali, supervisor: Tim Welschehold]
  4. P. Abbeel, A. Coates and A. Y. Ng
    Autonomous Helicopter Aerobatics through Apprenticeship Learning,
    IJRR 2010
    [Raghu Rajan, supervisor: Andreas Kuhner]
  5. D. Maturana and S. Scherer
    3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Landing Zone Detection from LiDAR
    IROS 2015
    [Markus Frey, supervisor: Abhinav Valada]
  6. S. Aine, S. Swaminathan, V. Narayanan, V. Hwang and M. Likhachev
    Multi-Heuristic A*
    IJRR 2015
    [Sinje Balzer, supervisor: Marina Kollmitz]
  7. V. Indelman, L. Carlone, F. Dellaert
    Planning in the Continuous Domain: a Generalized Belief Space Approach for Autonomous Navigation in Unknown Environments
    IJRR 2015
    [Yufeng Xiong , supervisor: Federico Boniardi]
  8. H.-W. Park, P. Wensing, S. Kim
    Running Jumps Over Obstacles in High-Speed Quadrupeds
    RSS 2015
    [Jan Sosulski, supervisor: Tim Welschehold]
  9. D. Dolgov, S. Thrun
    Detection of Principal Directions in Unknown Environments for Autonomous Navigation
    RSS 2008
    [Yitong QUAN, supervisor: Federico Boniardi]
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