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Introduction to Mobile Robotics - SS 2021

Introduction to Mobile Robotics (engl.) - Autonomous Mobile Systems

This course will introduce basic concepts and techniques used within the field of mobile robotics. We analyze the fundamental challenges for autonomous intelligent systems and present the state of the art solutions. Among other topics, we will discuss:
  • Kinematics
  • Sensors
  • Vehicle localization
  • Map building
  • SLAM
  • Path planning


Lecture Dates Topic Slides Recordings


Each exercise session consists of three parts: a short recap of the lecture, a Q&A session and the discussion of the exercise sheets. Please post your questions for the Q&A session at least 24h before the exercise session in the ILIAS forum.

Solving the exercise sheets is recommended but not mandatory to be admitted to the final exam. There are no bonus points.

Exercise sheets will be published about one week before the discussion session. We strongly encourage you to solve the exercise sheets beforehand to benefit from the discussions in class.

Send a mail to mobilerobotics@informatik.uni-freiburg.de for an appointment with one of the teaching assistants.

Sheet Discussion Topic Exercise Sheet Exercise Material Solutions

Additional Material

  • Notes on one dimensional Gaussians (PDF)
  • Notes on multi dimensional Gaussians (PDF)
  • Python cheat sheet (PDF)
  • Matrix cookbook (PDF)
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