Exercise groups

Exercise groups will be held in German and English.

Exercise group assignment

Please enter your name until Friday, 28.04., in one of the groups on this site. If possible, sign in to the group with least names in it. In case the size of the groups is unbalanced, we will move some students into another group.

Group Room Time Tutor
Group 1 (German/English) 51-00-006 Friday, 10 - 12 Fabian Wenzelmann
Group 2 (German/English) 101-00-036 Friday, 10 - 12 Simon Weidner
Group 3 (English) 51-00-031 Friday, 10 - 12 Mohamed Abou-Hussein
The exercise sheets may and should be worked on in groups of three (3) students. Please write all your names and the number of your exercise group on your solution. You can submit your exercises directly to your tutor via email (the preferred method) or before the lecture in the lecture hall.

Exercise dates

  1. 05.05.
  2. 19.05.
  3. 02.06.
  4. 23.06.
  5. 07.07.
  6. 21.07.


Sheet No. Date handed out Date submission Additional material
Exercise 1 28.04. 03.05.

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